[NDV-0352] Paradise Love Kaede Matsushima

[NDV-0352] Paradise Love / Kaede Matsushima

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av Title: pa ra and Diana su ra bu / Matsushima ka え で
Publisher: Amberlite ri su JAPAN
Published: 2006-06-16
av Duration: 120 minutes

Kaede Matsushima Chan is seeking a stimulus to the south of the island. Lunch and shopping is reasonable to still SEX is the main! Blazing in the sun, etch spree while admiring the beautiful scenery. Cum SEX is truly paradise of bold maple than usual.

Duration: 01:36:47
Resolution: 640×480 pixels
Size: 1006.93 MB
Compression : MPEG-4 Visual
File Format: avi
Codec: DX50


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