[NDV-0300] Lingerie queen

[NDV-0300] Lingerie queen

Fan Number: NDV-0300
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av Title: ra nn ji e test have an have ku nn / Matsushima ka え で
Publisher: Amberlite ri su JAPAN
Published: 2006-01-27
av Duration: 120 minutes

Kaede Matsushima boasts yet super body with ultra-filled with beautiful repeats the indecent provocation in a variety of lingerie costumes. To volley a functional scene and lingerie FUCK of across the man remains of underwear. Slut FUCK also add recording.

Duration: 01:33:48
Resolution: 640×480 pixels
Size: 1009.48 MB
Compression : MPEG-4 Visual
File Format: avi
Codec: DX50


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