[MILD-963] Customs Usherette Uehara Capable Of Cum Ai

[MILD-963] Customs Usherette Uehara Capable Of Cum Ai

Delivery start date: 2015/03/13 10:00
Product Release Date: 2015/03/13
Duration: 147 minutes (HD version: 147 minutes)
Cast: Uehara Ai
Director: leer
Series: sex guide Miss that can Pies
Manufacturer: KM Produce
Label: million (million)
Genre: Single Beautiful Breasts bunny out in the girl hostesses, sex Miss Hi-Vision
Part Number: 84mild00963


Width: 1280×720 pixels Size: 1.41 GB Video Format: AVC File Format: mp4 Codec: avc1
Duration: 02:26:49 Bit rate: 1280 Kbps Frame rate: 29.970 fps Aspect ratio: 16:9 Bit depth: 8 bits


Audio track: 1
Language: N/A Codec: mp4a-40-2 Channels: 2 Bit rate: 96 Kbps Compression: Lossy Sampling rate: 44 Khz